​"We decided to store our beer on the edge of freezing temps for the ideal taste!"

Quin O'Neal

Assistant GM

The Coldest Beer In Town

In 2008, founder Dan Dorsch set out to create a fun place to enjoy cold beer. It was no secret that Mr. Dorsch did not like beer unless it was cold, really really ridiculously cold. As an accomplished lifetime restaurant owner, creating and executing a new menu filled with delicious food options came naturally.  Getting beer cold enough to Mr. Dorsch's standard was the greatest challenge. Enter Bruce Wayne. That's right, Bruce Wayne Ogle a restaurant operator from Bullitt County, Kentucky was tasked with solving Dorsch's dilemma. After countless hours of exhaustive research, tapping into his engineering background, Ogle found the solution. Ogle determined that they must dredge deep beneath the foundation of Mojo's Lakeland to keep the beer ice cold.

Cris Rodgers

General Manager

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