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the bruce wayne?

That's right, Bruce Wayne Ogle, a restaurant operator from Bullitt County, Kentucky tapped into his engineering background to solve Mr. Dorsch's dilemma. Ogle determined that they would dredge deep beneath the foundation of Mojo's Lakeland to keep the beer ice cold. (see original sketch above)

goal #1...Great Food & Cold beer!

The truth is founder Dan Dorsch didn't like beer unless it was cold, really really ridiculously cold. As an accomplished career restaurant operator, creating and executing a menu filled with delicious food options was the easy part.

What's Cooler than being cool?

Getting the beer cold enough to put a smile on Mr. Dorsch's face was the greatest challenge. After traveling to the coldest places on Earth and after spending way too much time and money on engineers from the top research universities on the planet, it was Mr. Dorsch's very own right hand man, "Bruce Wayne" that found the solution.

The Mojo's STORY